Vocalysd humanises voice and text insights with accurate analytics

Vocalysd is the conversational AI platform that empowers organisations to have more meaningful, quantifiable and relevant engagement with customers 


We generate transcripts of your multichannel, conversational data and provide you with high-utility insights that are both intelligent and actionable.


Our AI uses proprietary algorithms to crunch the information we input and provide you with a seamless, user-friendly dashboard full of meaningful data.


We track emotional keywords or sentiment across all voice and text conversations to give you an accurate slice-of-life from each and every conversation.


Enhance your business and boost revenue.

We offer a proprietary licensing model for small, medium and large corporates to ensure time-saving that translates to cost savings.

We provide granular insights across voice and text conversations.

Want to know more about our multi-factor Vocalysd scorecard?

"When you know better you do better!"

- Maya Angelou

We know that staff and customer churn is a result of surface-level insights.

Vocalysd helps you find meaning.

Our customisable dashboard is ready-to-use, it delivers tangible granular insights from the first use.


• Understand your customer sentiment
• Identify your customer intent
• Actionable, concise and future forward


• Identify the contextual areas of the conversation
• Formulate and utilise a searchable topic list of your data
• Empower data-driven decisions

Vocalysd Xperience

• Speaker identification and separation
• Intuitive visual representation of conversation data, in real-time
• Access hidden Voice Xperience (VX™) in your call and text data

Vocalysd Score™

• We highlight in-depth trends
• Metrics that matter
• A Vocalysd customised Health Score, matched to your business objectives

Stakeholder experience

• Vocalysd is a B2B strategic growth partner
• We help bridge the gap between distribution and business (B2D)
• Create value for your customer
• Empowering the distribution network of your business with direct customer feedback (D2C)

Sharpen the conversations across your business
and value the humans having them


Access the hidden insights in your call data.
Empower data-driven decisions.


Automated QA from the parameters your business needs to monitor across voice and text uploads.


We scale as you grow. Sales, support calls, distribution and more.


We work with your compliance and regulation team to achieve impeccable standards.


Multiple levels of access and reporting for all stakeholders can be customised according to your needs.

We offer customisable pricing plans for each stage of your business

Flexible. Simple. Affordable.


Humanise sales, boost revenue.

We help your business understand what people feel, not just what they say. The proprietary voice and text platform for human-to-human impact.


•  Advanced call analysis on productivity, patterns and stats

•  Voice analysis and feedback solution that cultivates the customer experience

• Unparalleled insights into how to increase satisfaction and achieve

• Vocalysd Score (VX™️)

• Identify growth opportunities

• Boost conversation efficiency through sales analysis and activity metrics

• Tangible and measurable agent analytics

• KPI tracking

• High-level management control over conversations in near real-time

• Rapid feedback on representation and customer engagement

• Highlights critical issues in your value chain and gain from near real-time alerts

• Track key words and phrases

•  Compliance and customer consent

• Training of agents

• Access existing and new data on voice, chat or text

• Key word searches 

• Speaker separation

• Automated and indexed transcripts

• Post-meeting summaries

• Aggregate view of all conversations

•  Capture and analyse customer intent

•  Multi-channel analyses

•  Insightful feedback on your customer and agent engagement  

•  Questions that you need to be asking and frequently asked questions

“Customers are demanding a personalised experience - and companies should be using authentic data insights to deliver that.”

- Jovana Harkhu, Head of Marketing


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Vocalysd AI reads between the lines of conversations as they unfold across your business value chain to deliver affordable and granular insights

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