• Advanced call analysis on productivity, patterns and stats.

• Sentiment analysis – lets understand the “WHY.”

• Listen a little closer – you will find the answers.

• Humanise conversations – deliver an exceptional CX.

• Identify growth opportunities.

• Boost conversation efficiency through sales analysis and activity metrics.

• Understand agent and client churn.

• Action sustainable strategies.

• Identify what makes stakeholders “tick.”

• High-level management control over conversations in near real-time.

• Rapid feedback on representation and customer engagement.

• Highlights critical issues in your value chain and gain actionable insights from real-time alerts.

• Training of agents – inspire success and fire failure.

• Access existing and new data on voice, chat or text.

• 100% coverage of ALL calls, at scale.

• Detailed analyse. Get the full picture.

• Automated and indexed transcripts.

• Post-meeting contextual summaries.

• Analyse trends. Build for success.

• Capture and analyse customer consent.

• Track and measure agent compliance.

• Aggregate view of compliance scorecard.

• Alert notifications in real-time.

• Implement and actively track areas of concern.



Struggling with how to improve customer satisfaction levels?

Unearth the root causes of negative customer experience and the factors driving positive customer engagement.

Do you struggle with limited coverage of your voice data? Too few resources?

Analyse all calls, not just a sample set. Empower employees to lead conversations with confidence &
re-humanise connection.

Need help interpreting insights from your unstructured voice data?

Identify key conversational moments and monitor the impact of strategies.

Need help pin-pointing your agents’ strengths and weaknesses?

Create custom, targeted coaching for individual agent needs by leveraging insights from your call data.



We combine our passion for technology and meaningful connection to enable and humanise commercial communication.


At Vocalysd we believe that human-to-human contact is superior and required for long term loyalty. 

Part of understanding the finer points of what your customer needs and how to develop your business offering means that you must understand the conversation

Vocalysd offers a unique single source of truth by providing a Vocalysd Scorecard and VX™ (Vocalysd Xperience). 

We invite you to voice your business needs and get in contact with us, today. 


CEO & Founder

Milo Rockas


Brigham Baker

VP Sales & Marketing

Khizar Sultan

Head of Growth

Investor & Advisor

Founder Kelly Hoffman, drew on her many years of experience in sales to create the vision for Vocalysd. Kelly felt intuitively that sales success was driven by something beyond conventional transcripts and performance metrics, and that there was huge potential for improvement in how sales and call center staff perceived. Galvanized, Kelly rounded up a team of tech Rockstars and leveraged off her experience in technology. Together, they birthed Vocalysd, and integrated cutting edge AI developments in sentiment analysis and machine learning with commercial communication knowhow.

Vocalysd is a proudly South African startup, based in Jozi.