Capture meaningful data and metrics that matter.

Real-time aggregate view of all your conversations, go granular – I dare you.

Pinpoint “WOW” moments and build your custom Super Power playbook.

Understand what makes customers happy, and “get to the bottom” of pain points.


Your single conversation ‘health’ metric, based on the chosen conversational output.

Group campaigns and track success.

Track and monitor specific campaigns, per team or agent and product specific.

Understand what works and where you could improve.

Detailed segmentation: call-by-region, prospects and customers, or just your goals.

Slice and dice the detail – it is your data.

We just want to help you make sense of it with actionable outputs.

Granular conversation insights. Contextual summary.

Deep dive into each conversation. No limit, no fuss.

A contextual summary, list of topics discussed and sentiment tracking at an aggregate level.

Custom alerts – no “broken telephone”

Track keywords and relevant phrases.

Compliance – it’s our thing, we work directly with your legal and compliance team to ensure secure environments. 

Top questions – let this be your “lekker” not your “eish”

It's all in the detail.
Listen between the lines.

Sentiment per conversation? per message?

We got you.

Looking for “skinner” – search it.

We got you.

Save snippets of awesome (“kief”) moments.

We got you.

You name it. We got you. It’s our “jol.”